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Safety in Numbers

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Safety in numbers means a group has more protection than an individual,” shares Manny Rodriguez, National Safety Director for Kent Companies. “Our safety program has two fundamental tenets. Our people are our first priority, and our data drives accountability.”

For Rodriguez, safety is deeply personal. Throughout his 25+ year career, he's gained a reputation for extending his relationships beyond the field team to include the spouses, and families, of craft workers. “I will call your family at home if that is what it takes to earn total buy-in on safe practices. It’s our responsibility to send everyone home safely, and that starts with a commitment to all of the people waiting for you at home.”

Rodriquez believes in the power of mentorship and takes every opportunity to impart his wisdom to develop the next generation of safety professionals at Kent. Through his leadership, Kent Companies’ safety program is expanding its reach and impact through culture, data analysis, technology adoption, and training programs. 

“I hold our team accountable for their safety numbers, and I watch all data for trends that affect our team.” Rodriguez continues, “Data from the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association tells us that Hispanic workers face a higher statistical risk for incidents and injury on job sites. That absolutely informs our job site planning, training, and communication. Beyond our team commitment, we believe in working together with other industry leaders to create change.”

Kent Companies is a proud corporate sponsor of the RHCA Day of the Construction Worker. This Texas-based event offers free fall protection training in English and Spanish in eight major Texas markets. Fall hazards are one of the OSHA Focus Four; the most common hazards facing construction workers. Rodriguez recently appeared as a guest on Univision to promote the state-wide event. He also serves as the safety chair for the National Hispanic Contractors Association.

To learn more about RHCA or to register for free fall protection training, click here.